We Source and Distribute Lightly Used Commercial Door Systems

Our Business is Reusing Doors

We rescue quality doors from vacated office space.

We resell complete door systems for use in new office space.

It's affordable.

It's green.

It's better.


We Remove Doors

It's smart, convenient and saves money.

Saves on disposal costs - most doors are thrown out, costing time and money. Doors Unhinged will dismantle and remove your doors, at no cost to you!

Hassle-free - we take care of everything. All you need to do is let us know you have doors slated for removal.

Eligible for tax deductions - Thanks to our partnership with Construction Junction, you could get a tax deduction of $50-$150.

Reduces waste - working with Doors Unhinged reduces the amount of construction waste in landfills.


We Sell Used Doors

They cost less and are better for the planet.

High quality and fully functional - We sell only the best door systems - doors, frames and hardware are guaranteed to perform.

Unbeatable pricing - up to 50% less, and guaranteed to cost less than new

Available as-is or like-new - doors can be refinished to your specifications

Buy complete sets or one component - we can meet your complete door needs, but if all you need is hardware, we have that too.

Go Green - reusing doors means cutting down fewer trees and can help you achieve your environmental goals, including LEED, Living Building Challenge, and Green Globes



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Our Product Lines

Affordable. Green. Better.


Doors Unhinged is constantly sourcing new inventory. Looking for a specific style or quantity you don't see here? Complete a Door System Inquiry and we will track them down for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you find all these used doors?

Doors Unhinged puts relationships above all else. Our team has spent 15 years building relationships based on trust with architects, designers, property managers, skilled tradesman, construction managers & reuse gurus. Because we’re all committed to serving the industry & our customers with care, we share a common vision: keep quality doors out of the landfill.

Our business is based out of Pittsburgh in Southwestern Pennsylvania. For now, we are only removing doors from buildings in Pittsburgh and adjacent regions. However, we can ship door systems to projects nationwide. Contact us to discuss your project needs and shipping options.

What geographic area do you serve?

What if I need 200 doors but you only have 195?

We’ll determine what kind of door units & how many you need to fill your order. If we can’t locate gently-used units to match the others you’ve chosen to install, we’ll go straight to the manufacturer, locate new models & work on getting you the best price available to match the ones we already have. Either way, you’ve still saved loads on your door bill!

What if I only need one or two doors?

Doors Unhinged keeps a variety of overstock and remnant door systems in our warehouse precisely for this purpose! Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find a product to meet your needs.

Do you have a warehouse of doors where I can come shop?

Not at the present. Our business is primarily based on matching customers with doors being removed. However, we can provide you with ample information on the doors that are or will soon be available, including photos. Contact us so we can find the doors that best meet your needs!


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